The Unpronounceables…

So, we had ran out of hills we could pronounce and couldn’t put it off any longer: we had to start attempting ‘The Unpronounceables’. Ben Vane was yet to be done but we heard he was a bit of a bugger so we’ll leave that for another day…

A glorious weekend in July had us on the Tarmachan Ridge which was superb, we loved every minute.  We meandered mindlessly over Meall Garbh, Beinn an Eachan and Creag na Caillich with the lure of another distant path so tempting us to take on another stretch. The sun shone, the breeze was kind enough to clear the midges and both of us had energy we had never had before. We are still slow walkers being constantly overlapped by more ambitious and professional walkers. We like to photograph the many weird and wonderful beasties encountered and listen to the unfamiliar bird song and take longer than everyone else.


Here’s the wee scary arete bit. Not too scary i admit but its a start!

This weekend, we fancied the 4 munros that stand between Lochs Tay and Rannoch: Carn Gorm, Meall Garbh, Carn Mairg & Creag Mhor. Days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping so we thought we’d do a biggie now. Armed with vague WalkHighands screen shot directions, basic map-reading skills, a coordinates app. and a picnic to sink a ship, we set off confidently. Directions were great at first then after the second munro, we had to use our map and compass more which was unsettling but enjoyable. Another addition to our ever growing kit is now a glossary of hill terminology as we had to learn ‘new’ words like col, bealach and tor. Brain and body exercised!


It took is 10.5 hours to complete (suggested 6-8), covered 14 miles (supposedly 11) and we loved every minute and inch.

Views up any hill are spectacular with ever changing conditions, terrain, direction and landscape. How can anyone be bored with this activity. Its fantastically addictive. I’ve never been outdoorsy but now have become one of the great unwashed at the weekend. Annoyed the Tuesday morning matted hair untangling ritual and having to step into respectable clothes to join the ranks of other closet mingers (no? Just me then?)

I ask my walking companion “where next. How can we beat this?”. “There is a walk with 7 munros” says she…

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