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Introducing the latest addition to the WildFire family - the Adventurer!

The Adventurer is a Scottish designed and manufactured, foldaway log burner that comes as 6 steel panels to form a versatile cooking cube. Together with an ashpan, the Adventurer provides the perfect campervan and camping companion as it is easy to put together, lightweight and takes up minimal space in your vehicle when collapsed. 

Camping Log Burner

There's two main differences between the Adventurer and WildFire Garden:


Size - WildFire Garden measures approx. 400mm cubed, made from 3mm mild steel and is best suited to gardens and larger outdoor areas. The ashpan (purchased separately) measures 500mm square and 60mm high.

The Adventurer measures 300mm cubed, made in 2mm mild steel (so lighter weight) and has a neater, lightweight ashpan to take up less space in your camper or car. 


The Top / Cooking Section

The Adventurer has a more accessibly designed cooking section with a handy hole for easy log feeding and cooking.

Being made from 2mm mild steel, the Adventurer is more durable than mass-produced, imported BBQ's and logburners. The Adventurer is a versatile combination of both: cooking cube with a handy hole at the top for dropping logs into or resting your kettle, pot or mini-wok, leaving the corners for sausages to keep warm while your eggs are frying. This also eliminates the need for grill lifting tools as you can just take your pan off and drop a log in to feed the fire. 


It is an unassuming, cleverly designed little creation but provides so much more that you'd expect... It is also incredibly beautiful and currently comes in a range of 5 designs.

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Designs and Options...