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Hand Crafted Cards

I have enjoyed absorbing myself in maps for as long as I can remember: examining the contours of Scottish mountains, following the river flow as it snakes through the landscape and discovering historic features – natural and man-made enticing me to investigate further from finger-tip to walking boots. This interest has taken a step towards vintage maps featuring orphanages, webs of bustling railway lines and villages that were once so small in comparison to their grand expansion by 2020.

I started making these collections choosing the most interesting 8cm sections from vintage maps and now offer these to you as heritage keepsake cards – ideal for anniversaries, ‘big’ birthdays and for those people who have everything except a little paper piece of their childhood memories.

Please note that all main decorative materials used in making these unique cards are originals; nothing has been replicated to any extent. These are old and well used items and some slight staining or creasing is most likely to be visible which I feel, adds to the history …

Heritage Card Collections

View recent Heritage cards below...

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