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What Rambling Scotland do...

Rambling Scotland was launched as a promotional platform in 2015, sharing tales of walks I've wandered, hills I've conquered and adventures I've had - I love a good ramble, in my boots and on paper.

In early 2018, I realised the more I walked and adventured, I was finding new excitement in the largest of mountains to the smallest of fungi, a single ray of sunshine beaming through storm clouds and midnight starts to catch sunrises, the more I acknowledged that sitting at my desk 9-5 was not for me. I needed flexibility in life for work and for play and I have found just that and it works. You can see how I make my living now > 

Side Hustle...

A lot of my work is with conference companies, so it was predictable that during the Covid-19 pandemic, all conferences were cancelled and I found myself at a bit of a loose end. Twiddling my thumbs with minimal work to do and of course, being resigned to staying indoors unable to travel for adventures my mind wandered to the closer great outdoors that was my garden... and from there, WildFire was born. With a partner in metalwork and his colleague with the laser cutting equipment,  becoming their distributor was inevitable.

WildFire become far more successful than I could have imagined and really caught me off guard and due to this success, I am now designed and introduced smaller cooking cubes which are proving to be super popular within the camping community

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