Shenanigans on Schiehallion 

Ever since my dad had ‘done’ Schielhallion a few years back I had been quite keen to attempt it but as I hadn’t done any ‘real’ climbing before this year, I had been hesitant. I could pronounce it so that was a bonus. Spelling it, that was another matter…

I met my walking buddy in Strathblane and off we headed in Harvey RV along the very scenic route via Callander parking at Braes of Foss carpark (£2 a day) The MET office weather forecast showed great conditions on the Saturday for Sunday although this did change Sunday morning. I searched other hills but all forecast the same.  Best stick with plan A.

A helpful chap arrived at the car park in a sign written van asking us if we had done this munro before, we told him we hadn’t and he handed us  a leaflet. As with every instruction leaflet i receive, i don’t look at it until the ‘task’ is done. Washing machines, fridges, mountains. All the same to me. As it turns out it was a great read about the munro and the John Muir Trust. The car park also has loos which is a bonus. I wish more people had taken advantage of these facilities instead of abandoning tissue paper along the way… Why do people litter the hills (or anywhere outside for that matter: country or city) take a plastic bag with you. However, on seeing these white tissue piles, we knew we on the right track of civilisation.

These pictures below are in the correct order… See, visibility not too bad


Ghostly visions appearing from the mist…