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I want you to meet Luna, she’s the cutest little Schnoodle I’ve ever met. Actually, she’s the only Schnoodle I’ve ever met. She’d adorable, full of mischief with pointy baby teeth but that’s ok, she’s still a young thing and also very obedient except where it comes to giving back socks. She’s the delightful new addition to my cousin Sarah’s family and has stolen their hearts right away. They are an animal loving clan anyway, but never before have I heard Sarah speak in such a high pitched cutesy voice; well smitten.

I am just back from a couple of days up north in my childhood holiday haunt of Burghead staying with the cousin and her squad of children and animals. Was also my first time meeting Luna. I am not particularly an animal person which is surprising as I grew up in a house full of cat cuddles and boxer dog licks. Billy the parrot joined us for a short episode of my littleness which I’m glad to say is over. He had a ‘skewer your eyes out’ beak, was luminously green and flew around the front room leaving tiny dusty feathers in his path which made me wheezy sneeze.

One day, after donning saliva drenched socks, warm jackets and unattractive woolly bunnets, we drove around the Moray coast drinking tea and eating quiche with the last stop being the ‘back shore’ in Burghead. The intention was dolphin spotting but coupled with my short attention span; I soon lost interest and wandered off. After 5 minutes, I meandered back to the van where Luna attentively waited for someone or something exciting to appear. I double took when I saw this wee hairy face keeping watch over the Moray Firth…

Oops,  wrong image. This one’s much cuter…

Double take?  Do not underestimate the force of a cute puppy in disguise…

The Doonan-Borthwicks are the proud owners of dual-faced Wookiee Luna. While son and daughter busily study at the local school, Sarah is a Moray based photographer with an eye for catching atmosphere. She captures the unexpected, unstructured mood of occasion and finds a truthful moment in time which a more conventional artist may miss or not capture.  You know those school pictures of immaculate, bleary eyed children with faux library book backdrops? Well, she doesn’t do that…

Check out some of her social media and you’ll know what I mean. You’ll also see more of Luna…

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  2. Sarah’s Instagram

Some stuff about me too…

  1. My Facebook page (I talk a lot about Scotland)

  2. My Instagram page (I take lots of pictures of Scotland)

Chasing rainbows…(there’s a little Chewbacca right there!)

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