Four Harbours Walk…

After my cousin had shown she was ‘interested’ in an event on Facebook (Long Distance Walkers Association), I asked if she was genuinely keen to attempt the 19 mile Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Burghead and Findhorn coastal walk. My longest walk had been around 12 miles; hers was 4… We hesitated but agreed to meet up on the 26th March with our best trainers and water bottles…

Sarah had been born and schooled along the Moray coast and knew it well. I had spent every possible school holiday there with our cousins, aunties and uncles up to the age of 15 and knew it by getting piggy-backs to the sandy beach for a BBQ which was no research to assist in our epic journey! And off we headed…

From Lossiemouth we were straight onto the beach from harbour number 1 passing the caves and Covesea Lighthouse…

Covesea Lighthouse

The next harbour (number 2!) was Hopeman where we stopped, rubbed sore feet and ate our sandwiches. Blister plasters applied, we were back on our way.

We walked passed Hopeman quarry before lunch where our well informed geologist friend had known about ‘dinosaur foot prints’ (actually, pre-dinosaur) which had been uncovered and carefully moved to one side…

Hopeman Quarry

The 3rd harbour was Burghead where we cut through the caravan park into the Roseisle forestry and continued along the Burma Road. The name came ‘owing to its construction by prisoners of war during WW2’ (Woodland Trust)

Continuing through the forest, we found the coast line again. Although having kept up with the numerous groups quite tightly, we began to space out and on our approach to Findhorn area became a bit lost as signs became few and far between. We finally managed to complete the walk: knackered but very happy at our achievements!

We celebrated by filling the bath and our prosecco glasses with bubbles, rolling up our trousers and sitting side by side propping each other up.

If you are interested in walking this Moray Coastal Route, visit Walk Highlands – Moray Coast very informative website where you can plan this and the longer version

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