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Day 2 - Menorcan Bar

Day 2 (Monday) – After the sea-air sedative and miles of lane pounding in Brighton yesterday, I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept so well. If I didn’t know myself better, I would have expected alcohol participation but apart from that one glass with lunch, there was no further drinking. We are treated to the indulgence of a slightly longer lie-in as the alarm merrily plays at 6.30am. The flight is at 8.20am but as we stayed at the Gatwick Courtyard Hotel, we had the luxury of walking to terminal S to meet with the London-4. Hugs all round, we board, separate to our seats and land in Mahon. Although they were 9 rows away, I could hear the cackle of those 4 excited, middle aged teenagers from where we were. Thank goodness they never got matching, birthday t-shirts as threatened as the flight-crew would never have allowed those extra bottles of prosecco!

Landing at 11.50am, we grabbed a couple of taxi’s and head to the villa. Although we weren’t really supposed to check in until after 3pm, a pre-travel email ensured it would be ready at 12.30. Everyone chose their bed, unpacked cases and met by the pool an hour later. As I unpacked my case, I wondered if packing 3 jars of vegan mayo, soya milk and Scottish Blend t-bags was such a good idea...

We reconvene at the pool and decided to head to ‘Bar Es Cau’, an old fisherman’s cave repurposed as pier-side, rustic bar and only a 10-minute walk from the villa and a 15-minute amble back. I wanted to sample some of Menorca’s Xoriguer Pomada which is a popular cocktail in the Balearics – Mahon’s Xoriguer gin, lemon and ice.

The word ‘pomada’ is Spanish for ‘ointment’ - let’s consider that for a moment...

I decide that not only will I be contributing to the Spanish economy; I shall ensure a daily dose of this medicinal ambrosia for my health and well-being.

Arriving back at the villa, there was still a slightly awkward atmosphere as not everyone knows each other. I take it upon myself to create a moment to join the collective as one and with that thought, I strip down to my knickers, streak round the dining table but hammer my toe on the table leg causing much discomfort, some swearing but most importantly, a collective laugh at my idiocy and misfortune. I could do without the (possible) broken toe but alas, the task is complete and unity is successful...

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