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Chips, Windmills and Tidal Pools...

Most good walks start with a spot of Google researching to see how long it will take to arrive by car/transport and then you can gear yourself up for the gamble - weigh up the 'Travel Distance V Walk Reward'. St Monans was going to take 2-hours drive. Mr Google man took a wander around the fishing town prior to placing our bets and it did look quite beautiful, but still, it was a 2-hours drive away. Let's start at Kincardine first and do the first part of the Fife Coastal Path and see where that takes us. Luckily, we were 5 minutes into our journey in the wrong direction (my fault) and decided to chuck it, head back to Harvey van and go to St Monans. The sun was splitting the trees as we drove up the Fife coast and we arrived at the tranquil, empty harbour finding an easy parking space along the east shore. A few fishermen were blethering and the Sunday morning peace was idyllic. A wander around the harbour, early lunch consumed, pebbles, fossils and sealife examined and off we rambled further north with the next stop being Pittenweem. Another picturesque village with a tidal pool. We promise to take a dip on our return... Onwards to Anstruther where we scoff a bag of chips; it's not a day at the seaside unless there’s a bag of chips involved, I’m fairly sure it's UK law. The sun was harsh but the cool sea breeze kept us at the right walking temperature but brought a false sense of security that no sun cream was required. The return trip saw us walk via Pittenweem tidal pool - "I'll, um, go in at St Monans..." says the brave one. Approaching St Monans’ tidal pool, ‘it's now or never’ we decide and hesitantly disrobe so as not to cause mass panic at the sight of patchy sunburnt, pasty, middle-aged bodies in swimsuits. A spectacular green crab scared me, my feet were sore on the stones and I went up to my waist in the water. I felt I was brave enough for one day. Carole on the other hand, after 30 minutes of laps, reluctantly re-surfaced like the scorned Labrador after having way too much fun.

A fantastic part of Scotland that I can’t wait to explore further and next time, I will bring swim shoes and find the braveness of an excitable Labrador…

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