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WildFire Article with Decor & Design Scotland...

Design & Decor Scotland approached me a few weeks ago wanting to find out more about WildFires. Here it is below...

"Now that more of us have been enlightened to appreciate time at home and in the garden (thanks lockdown!), and the weather is finally starting to get that bit better, adding to our garden experience can make such a big difference.

We sat down with Kate from Rambling Scotland to talk all things WildFire Scotland, after the runaway success of her foldaway fire pits...

What inspired you to start Wildfire Scotland?

During lockdown, the majority of people were staying at home, spending time and holiday funds on their homes and gardens, making their outdoor spaces more comfortable and attractive to spend time and socialise in. I had been told that there was a UK shortage of fire pits, so my partner, who is a steel fabricator, and his colleague, who uses laser cutting equipment, started discussing and designing the basic shape and detail of making fire pits. It just made sense that I would take on the role of distributor.

How did you get started?

After getting a couple of designs cut, we had an unprofessional photoshoot in our garden and posted the images on my existing business Facebook page – Rambling Scotland. I then shared them to my personal page and added them to Facebook Marketplace. Although I loved the fires and the novelty of them being collapsible, I couldn’t have predicted the great deal of interest that followed.

After the first surprising sales, we branded them as ‘WildFire – the Foldaway Logburner.’

What can the fire pits be used for?

Predominantly, as a log burner with the smoky bonus of helping to keep those Scottish midges away!

There’s a grill that sits on top, which most people like to use for BBQ or the grill can be removed to toast a marshmallow or two. People have been fantastic with sharing their pictures and ideas and it has been great to see how well received they have been. Family living has been extended into the garden and even for one family, it’s great to see how much it has managed to change their lockdown mindset and made garden socialising all the better, even during winter and in the rain!

What is the benefit of using a fire pit like this?

One of the big attractions is that the WildFire can store flat. It comes in 6 pieces and when slotted together, it makes a 40cm square. When cool, it can be easily and quickly dismantled and stored away taking up only 47 x 43 x 5cm in your garage or shed!

We have sold to people with campervans, caravans and camping pods, where space is at a premium. There have also been a few businesses and individuals who have commissioned us to cut specific designs, such as a Christmas tree company, numerous glamping sites around Scotland and a family with a great love of collie dogs. I am also in the process of getting five Welsh Dragon WildFires cut, cleaned, boxed and sent to Wales for a summer party! There is no limit to what design we can get laser cut into the fire panels and you can really design the most unique of gifts.

What has the feedback been like so far?

Feedback has been unbelievable and the interest in WildFires has simply blown us away. Customers love that these are designed and made in Scotland and are of a superior quality compared to imported fire pits that would barely last a season. The public have been great with ideas and suggestions as well and due to this, we introduced ashpans to the WildFire family too. Waterproof covers are currently being sourced for those who wish to leave their fires out in the elements, as has also been suggested.

Where do you get your inspiration from for the designs?

With my business being called Rambling Scotland, there was no discussion as to what kind of designs I would be offering. The first Scottish designs we launched were the Thistle and Lion Rampant but quickly at their back came the Stag, Highland Cow, then the Unicorn and Mackintosh Rose, which make up our six current designs.

Which design is your personal favourite?

Hmmm, it’s a tie between the Stag and the Highland Cow. The Stag is a very handsome brute but the Highland Cow looks magnificent when the orangey red flames are flickering which, of course, gives him his perfect colouring.

Can you share any sneak peeks of future designs with us?

I am working on a design incorporating a Celtic knot but keep that to yourselves and the readers of Décor & Design Scotland…

What does the future look like for the business?

As the huge success of WildFire truly caught us off guard, we’ve not really had a chance to gather our thoughts on which direction to take. We have been considering adding other accessories such as a wok, a tri-pod frame, a smoker etc. to enhance the WildFire experience."


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