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Other Coronavirus Symptoms (true story)

When ‘rona virus hit UK shores, back in January 2020,

Everyone thought they’d had it, their symptoms were aplenty,

Holidays taken years ago, a cough that lasted ages,

A cruise they’d made in Spring last year, they must still be contagious.

Fast forward just a while, virus symptoms evolve and change,

From unusual, itchy rashes to things now tasting strange,

I’d like to add a few myself, these symptoms are not alone,

New padding appearing around my waist, jeans starting to groan,

My hair is changing colour - grey roots surely a sign,

My legs now coarse and hairy, a strong desire for wine,

Facial hair no longer distancing, eyebrows becoming one,

Cravings for tea and toast, a fast enlarging bum.

So please watch for these symptoms, I’m currently isolating,

If someone can go shop for me, fetch crisps, tonic and gin.

Let’s look upon other hand, its not all doom and gloom,

Garden’s looking beautiful, grass lush and flowers in bloom,

Windows super shiny, the house is vacuumed through,

Who knew so much work could be done when suffering with flu.

But let’s not get complacent, these signs don’t come alone,

Stay away from people’s houses, you can still talk on the phone,

Although enjoying to a point, the changes this has brought,

The world has suffered terribly, tough lessons this has taught,

Let’s not go back to normal, lets learn and listen clearly,

And let’s appreciate the world and care for it sincerely.

As much as I’ve heard the lesson, understood the essential stages,

I wish it would hurry up and go as it’s taking this contagious…

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