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Day 7 - Losing my Religion (and dignity)

Day 7 (Saturday) – Two of the group wanted to go clubbing and although I initially objected, I changed my mind to a ‘what-the-hell-and-why-not’, after all, we only had a few days left. The imaginatively named ‘Si Discoteca’ was chosen and all 12 of us donned our Spanx, sequins and heels and grabbed a couple of taxis into town. Although a good 20 years older that the average age, we were bothered not a jot and drank elegant cocktails from tall glasses assuring ourselves that the youngsters would be impressed by our capabilities to stay awake long after 10pm. Alas, one cocktail proved one too many and I got up on stage, grabbed the mike, closed my eyes and subjected everyone to my haunting rendition of ‘Losing my Religion’ by REM. Needless to say the youthful crowd had no idea what song that was and were silenced; I presume in shock more than awe.

We decide not to discuss this incident again…

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