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Day 4 - Avocado picking and Catwalks

Day 4 (Wednesday) – A lazy morning at the villa with a quiet breakfast of left-over olives, fruit and bread at the pool watching the luxury yachts glide effortlessly along the blue highway. Someone finds binoculars and we inspect our neighbour’s activities across the bay. Nothing much happening, a wash on the line but let’s see if anything more exciting happens this evening…

We pack a lunch, walk to Mahon and catch a bus to Cala en Porter. We wander east enjoying the views, flora and fauna and even manage to find avocados, olives, and limes growing wild. A few fruits are taken and as our walk continues, we come across a peaceful Playa de Cales Coves and spend the next few hours enjoying the seclusion of the bay. The sun across our skin has brought on a ‘stoned’ sensation giving the self-illusion that we are all bohemian, sun kissed goddesses with Vogue worthy beach hair. We saunter, catwalk style, along the coastal path to Cova d'en Xoroi; a unique, natural cliffside bar with spectacular views across the Balearic Sea. Taking it in turns to visit the toilets (los servicios/baños. I had my phrase book today), we quickly realise that we were not a group of middle-aged supermodels but a throng of unkempt, vagabonds who were currently taking it in turns to demand water and cocktails from the bemused waiter. Bubble burst, we vow not to take pictures that afternoon for fear of one escaping to social media.

Taxi back to the villa for chats about the next day’s activities. A unanimous vote decides that Mahon is to get the pleasure of our company tomorrow...

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