Please note that all custom orders take approx. 14 days to manufacture from date of approval. 


The £75 one off design fee is included in the price - Eg. if you required 2 fires of the same design, the cost would be 2 x £140 (fire price) plus £75 design fee. Total for 2 fires = £355.


Please send your image to for our graphics team to work on.


Customised Log Burning Firepit

    • ‘WildFires’ are manufactured in Scotland.
    • Each panel is made from 3mm thick, raw carbon steel.
    • The colour of mild steel is a mid-grey. This changes over use.
    • Steel will weather over time to a natural rusty finish. Use oil to protect.
    • Each ‘WildFire’ weighs approx. 17kg.
    • Flat-packed and packaged, each ‘WildFire’ measures approx. 47 x 43 x 5cm.
    • When assembled, each WildFire measures approx. 40cm cubed
    • When assembled, ONLY lift by way of the handles - do NOT lift or reposition when hot/burning.
    • For outdoor use only - all parts will become extremely hot when in use.
    • Handle with care, use protective gloves and grill lifting tools when hot.
    • Be careful of sharp edges.
    • Recommended to be stored indoors when not in use.
    • The optimum fuel for the ‘WildFire’ is wood. 
    • Should not be operated or placed on combustible surfaces when HOT

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