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Sgùrr Èilde Mòr - 23rd April 2022

Yesterday was a bit of a personal challenge for me. With 2 years of living a fairly inactive life and having Covid 2 weeks ago, I was anxious and curious as to how I would do on this one. The munro #SgurrEildeMor would be a toughie at the best of times and had it not been for Vince’s patience and encouragement I probably wouldn’t have reached the top. But I did. And I’m ‘right pure chuffed’!!


Mountain range - Mamores

Munro - Sgùrr Èilde Mòr

Height – 1010m

Total walk – 13miles

Left home - 4am

Arrived Kinlocheven - 6.15am

Back to ground level - 3.15pm

Home - 5.30pm

Slept - 11.5hours

24 hours later - feeling invincible

My munro number 27 / 282


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